8 thoughts on “Thursday 28 July

  1. Today I felt like I really needed to go back to fundamentals and re-learn the clean. 12 reps @ 85#, 9-6 @75#, strict band pull ups and band ring dips. 17:28

  2. 5:15 class rocked! Vince and Dan really showed some heart fighting the ring dips.

    My time at 6:30 was 12:18 RX’d

    Disappointed with my stamina on SQ&J, but happy with my technique on MUs. This time is the same as my current PR for 30 MUs for time, so I think I’ve probably improved that one a bit since this was 27 MUs and 27 SQ&Js together.

  3. I did 12-9-6 of the squat clean and jerks at 75# but instead of doing a variation of muscle up scale, I started with a 400m run and did that between each set. Time was 16:14.

  4. 16:48 Rx’d
    Thanks Izzo for giving me a rabbit to chase. I think I really improved my squat clean and jerk form tonight. Open grip high elbows really helps with efficiency. I remember when I couldn’t even do a clean at 135#, much less a squat clean and jerk.

  5. 14:28 Rx. C&J felt good but muscle ups did not but I managed to muddle through them after failing my first one.

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