11 thoughts on “Monday 1 August

  1. What started out as pretty questionable to all of us ended up being way more fun than we thought it would be in the beginning. Monna has great L-tuck! 3 second L-Tuck, 1:29 handstand hold (huge improvement), 23 strict blue band pull-ups, 60# snatch.

  2. L-Sit hold: 26 seconds
    Handstand hold: 1:16
    Blue band CTB Pullups: 28
    Snatch: 70#’s

    Great job morning crew! I saw huge personal improvements on l-sit and snatch.

  3. L-Sit Hold: 30 seconds
    Handstand Walk: 13 feet
    Weighted Chest to Bar Pullup: 60lbs
    Snatch: 145lbs (PR)
    After today’s WOD, I did max consecutive reps on pullups and got 33 which was another PR. Pretty good day.

  4. Fun WOD. 14 sec / 23 feet / 45# / 140#. Put up a new PR of 145# with some great instruction from David at the end of class! Been stuck there for too long.

  5. 27 sec – 52 feet – 35-lbs. – 185 (Power clean)

    I enjoyed coaching this one at 6:30. You guys showed some determination in the L-sit holds. Melissa F. killed it with 38 sec! I always like skill days!

  6. Had fun coaching 5:15. Was fun to see all of you improve your handstand walks with a few attempts, and David’s handstand stroll around the gym.

    At 6:30 I scored 35 second L-sit, 100 lb weighted CTB pullup, 11 foot handstand walk, and 180 lb snatch.

    Afterwards I swam a few laps at Dublin and then went to Southern States and worked on handstand walks, planches, and flagpoles.

  7. 37 second L-sit hold, ~4-5 ft handstand walk, 20# CTB pullup, and 75# snatch (matched my current PR).

    It was fun working with Melissa F. and Rosie! And thanks Alex and David for tips on snatch at the end. I really like that lift, but I need to work on it some more.

    Then swam ~20 laps at Dublin Park.

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