14 thoughts on “Tuesday 2 August

  1. 144 reps at Gold (hand release pushups, toes to bar, and 75# squat cleans)

  2. Gold with knee tucks 161 reps and I agree with Melissa, great painful programming. I actually got a T2B first try this morning, had to give them up after the first round. Progress.

  3. So much great effort in my 5:15 class today! Rosie is showing strength and mobility like never before and Scott is coming back strong (and smart) from his injury. Very proud of you guys.

    During snatch yesterday the impact aggravated something in my right foot, so I was skittish about doing anything today that would load it. Would rather let this kind of stuff heal quickly. I went to Dublin Park and swam 600m total. 125m of it was all out sprint (25m x 5, spaced out). I used the big old school clock to get a rough time on one sprint and it was about 17 seconds. The pool record appears to be 14.88. I’ve got a ways to go. I’m back at home now and still pooped. Heart rate is still way above normal.

  4. 210 Rx’d

    Thanks for all of the compliments on the programming! Glad you guys liked it.

    The 6:30 class was full of motivated athletes. I had a lot of fun coaching you all!

  5. 159 @ 85# SC, Rx everything else. Thanks Jeff for the coaching! Thanks to all of you guys – trainers and athletes – I am now squatting for the first time in my life! I am excited to have the new skill – it’s opened up a whole new world of opportunities!

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