Wednesday 31 August

Zan thruster

Eight rounds for max reps of:

Push press @ 75/55 lbs, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Jumping alternating lunge, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds

Jesse Bazarnick 156 PP + 158 Lunge, Lucas Zepeda 146 PP + 145 Lunge, Cara Hipskind 116 PP (55lbs) + 125 Lunge, Laurie Galassi 107 PP (55lbs) + 113 Lunge.

Post total reps for each exercise to comments.

Get Rid of Distractions- Eric Cressey

An Outlook on Training– Matt Brown

28 thoughts on “Wednesday 31 August

  1. This was a hard one to come back to…I took off almost a week because I tweaked my back. I think I will have to take off another week for my legs to recoup from those jumping lunges ;). They are NASTY!!

    92 PP + 100 Lunge RX’d

  2. 76/130 @ 55lbs for a total of 206! Had so much fun with the morning crew!

    1. Thanks! I tried to do the exact same number every round and it just kind of worked. Push press was a different story.

  3. PP 122 / JL 115 = 237
    That was gross….spent the 10 second rest fumbling the chalk

  4. 72 PP + 113 JL = 185 @ 115 lb

    Decided to go a little heavier on this one to better achieve my goal of gaining strength. I think it worked out well. Wasn’t so heavy that I had to drop the bar. Averaged 7-8 push presses per round. Called no rep on several of my JLs because my knee didn’t touch.

    Before the WOD I did Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3. Worked up to a new 3RM PR of 255 (PR by 10)

  5. 111 PP + 114 JL = 225 Rx’d
    I had a 15/15 rep strategy going until the 7th round. However, I feel like I redeemed myself from my wuss-fest yesterday.

  6. Strongly suggest reading “An Outlook on Training” and “This is Silly”. I like their views on training and nutrition.

    PP 87 + JL 166 = 253 Rx

  7. I sacrificed reps to do this one RX’d, making it my first solo WOD completed as prescribed.


  8. RX’d 65 PP + 106 JL = 171 Reps. I had to no rep myself quite a few times on the lunges for missing my knee touch! dang it! 6:30 class was fun!

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