Tuesday 20 September

Luke punching a heavy bag; heavy bag fleeing for safety


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

WOD is untimed, so rest as needed, but move deliberately.

Dave Lipson: 32/40-25/40-20/41-24/39-22/30 at 205lbs.
Austin Malleolo: 23/43-18/43-13/33-13/26-12/20 at 165lbs.
Spencer Hendel: 13/47-11/40-9/41-8/36-7/27 at 210lbs.
James Hobart: 16/46-13/45-10/40-9/22-8/27 at 175lbs.
Danny Nichols: 21/36-16/30-12/33-10/30-8/34 at 240lbs.

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Compare to 15 April 2011 at CrossFit Impulse

31 thoughts on “Tuesday 20 September

  1. 26/17-12/10-8/8-6/6-6/8 = 58/49. 107 total.

    I don’t have a 1 BW bench, so I went with 1/2 (60#) to use as a reference next time. Great time working out with the morning crew!

  2. Bench @ 135#

    12/13 – 4/5 – 2/5 – 1/3 – 1/2

    Thanks Ben and Chris for the help this morning. Great coaching and motivation.

    Also lost a bit of one callus… not sure why, but it feels like some weird crossfit milestone.

      1. Congrats lady. You could do them so long ago but you just loved that red band. You were awesome this morning!

  3. No rest between sets was humbling…

    16-26/5-12/5-11/4-10/3-8 = 100 @ 205lb
    Doing 5×5 bench yesterday proved untimely for this wod 🙂

  4. I’m traveling for work so I couldn’t get in a gym workout. I did one of my Travel WODs from my Crossfit Travel App.

    Invisible Fran 21-15-9 Air squats and push ups (scaled for me still) for time. 2:43. Glad I did it, but I sure do miss the folks at CFI working with me.

  5. The last time we did this workout, I I had a max rep of 5 on an 85# bench press and had to sub ring rows for pullups.

    Today, I had max rep of 7 on a 115# bench press and score a max of 10 on band-assisted pullups (blue and gray bands).

    I’m pretty damn pleased with that.

    Also, I found Christina’s bench press mini-class to be very useful, thanks!

  6. Weighed in at 180 at the box.
    10/20, 10/20, 10/20, 6/20, 8/24
    Total reps=148 @ 180#

    Thanks Jeff for no-repping me on that last rep of the last set of pull-ups. It was too close for me to have called had I been counting by myself. Smart.

  7. 20-50/ 10-23/ 5-17/ 3-17/ 3-22 @ 185 lb BW

    Lynne at a faster pace is a different animal! Happy about my first round. The decline was steep from there. Last time I did Lynne I started with 16-50, so that means I increased my bench by 4 reps and kept pullups the same at 10 lbs heavier body weight. Pleased with that progress.

  8. Here is an example of what I have been doing for the last six weeks 🙂 Modified “Lynne” One armed bench press with a 30lb dumbbell with Jordan holding down one shoulder and Zan handing me my dumbbell. Then I did jumping ring pullups. Hopefully if everything goes as planned I will have my cast off by 11:30 AM tomorrow!

  9. It was good to be back to see my CrossFit family!

    19/34, 10/20 , 6/15 , 6/15 , 5/16 = 46/100 for 146 reps @ BW of 160.

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