Wednesday 21 September

For time:
5 – muscle ups
10 – Deadlift (m245 / f175)
15 – GHD Sit-ups
Sprint 50 yards
5 – muscle ups
10 – Deadlift (m245 / f175)
15 – GHD Sit-ups
Sprint 100 yards
5 – muscle ups
10 – Deadlift (m245 / f175)
15 – GHD Sit-ups
Sprint 150 yards
5 – muscle ups
10 – Deadlift (m245 / f175)
15 – GHD Sit-ups
Sprint 200 yards

Post time to comments.

Is Obesity a Disease

21 thoughts on “Wednesday 21 September

    1. Way to stay consistent on travel, Tami. Nothing can stop someone who is determined.

  1. Good to be back after a two week injury/vacation hiatus. Also, starting today I am making serious diet changes for the better. Wow at how limiting sugar makes you grumpy.

    15:08 Gold – used 12″ box for GHD target

    1. Stay strong, man. After a month you won’t want it anymore. I know that sounds ridiculous, but trust me. Hold out for a month and it gets better.

    2. Glad to have you back Dan… haha about the nutrition yeah I went kicking and screaming the whole way. It is well worth it though I promise and Jeff is right soon fresh strawberries will seem like candy and grapes will be just stupidly sweet to you. Stay the course.

  2. Back Squat 5×5
    245-255-265-275-285 (5RM PR by 5)
    Sumo deadlift 5×5

    Nothing destroys my legs and hips lately like sumo deadlift.

    1. Did “Annie” today with a time of 6:03 Rx. PR by over a minute and a half and enough to get on the leader board! I had been wondering for a while if I had been making progress in my training; I guess that answers that!

  3. Thanks for all the support in the 515 class, I appreciated it despite the dejected look on my face. 20:15 Rx with 225# DL.

  4. Rnd 1 Rx’d
    Rds 2-4 subbed 2x pullups and ring dips for muscle ups and toes to bar for GHD situps.

    Didn’t realize how blasted I was from yesterday’s bench/pullup WOD until the 2nd round of muscle ups. WOW.

    1. Same here Jason. Got to round 3 Rxd then my muscle ups went completely away. Transitioned to CTB Pull-ups and Ring Dips. Only good news was I was able to do all the DLs unbroken. Frustrating day.

  5. 14:47 Silver. (I think–155# DL, MU transitions, rest as rx’d.)

    I didn’t realize how much yesterday’s WOD and lack of sleep (dropped my dear fiancé off at the airport at 0500) wore on me until I got to the box and tried out some MU transitions. Rough!

  6. Regarding the article. Obesity definately causes the body to act like it is diseased. There are many diseases that are manifest because of poor diet and cured by changing diet. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some would argue cancer are all related to poor diets and have had documented reversals and cures created by changing the patient’s diet.

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