17 thoughts on “Thursday 22 September

  1. First go at a 5k… 28:03.

    Wore the five fingers… We’ll see what that does to the legs later on tonight! Small morning class today… But everyone rocked it.

  2. 31:25 I may have been a little slow but I was consistent and that’s a positive 🙂 Call me crazy, but this was surprisingly relaxing (in between the gasps for air as I sprinted to the finish). I did not know what to expect running the CFI 5k course with the incline/hill. Great job everyone!

  3. 31:23. Definitely a slow time for me but looking forward to the next time this comes around to see how much I’ve improved. Thanks Kristen for encouraging me on that last leg and giving me a reason to sprint to the finish.

  4. Really surprised myself today.

    Last 5k: 43:54
    Today: 39:37

    PR by 4:17. Not bad for a month’s work. Didn’t expect to slip under 40 minutes today. My only goal was to be faster and not die.

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