Friday 23 September

Holly running

Fundamentals will occur at 6:30 PM in place of the normal WOD class.

“Deck of Cards”

A team of 3 will shuffle a deck of cards. Each team has its own deck. When the clock starts one person will flip over the top card and perform the movement that corresponds to the suit of that card while the other athletes rest. When that athlete is finished, the next athlete will flip a card, and so on. The number of reps will be the number on the card. If it is a face card, the athlete will perform 10 reps of the movement. If it is an ace, the athlete will perform 11 reps of the movement. If it is a joker, all team members will perform 12 burpees together. The fastest team to get through the deck of cards wins!

Hearts: Power Cleans @ 125/85

Spades: Jerks @ 125/85

Diamonds: Front Squats @ 125/85

Clubs: Sit-up Wall Balls @ 20/14


Numbered card: perform that many reps

Face card: perform 10 reps

Ace: perform 11 reps

Joker: Everybody perform 12 burpees

19 thoughts on “Friday 23 September

  1. Was sorry to miss this WOD; bruised my foot running yesterday’s 5K in five fingers.

    I’m off to Vandenberg AFB (CA) for two weeks. See you all soon!

    1. I used to live on Vandenberg as a child. I remember driving to Santa Maria for church and surf fishing on the weekends on the base’s massive beachfront. I also met the crew of the Shuttle Columbia, and watched the liftoff of many satellites growing up there.

  2. 26:50 Rx’D 🙂 Sarah and Melissa partnered up with me on this one! Toward the end of the deck we all ended up with cards targeting our weaknesses. The front squats were killing me. Melissa put everything into the jerks. Sarah is just good at everything. Great job everyone! Such a fun way to end the week!

    1. Oh, and Jeff was pushing everyone! Thanks for the tips on front squat. I started with pretty crazy form.

  3. Was fun to coach this WOD this morning. We all learned that much like life, this WOD isn’t fair. I hear that Alicia got every face card in the deck, and I know Melissa got her fair share of jerks and power cleans. Great job, everyone. Can’t wait to tackle this one this afternoon.

  4. Haha! Yes, Zan and I learned that as soon as you talk shit the card gods will screw you over text! I’m glad everyone had a good time!

  5. Ahhh yes this one was a tough one but great way to end the week! I saw every 10 and face card for jerks and front squats… I think I am going to feel worse tomorrow than the day after “Fight Gone Bad”! See you all on Monday.

  6. Open gym
    10 sets x 4 rep
    60 second rest between each set

    4 rounds
    5 power cleans
    10 burpees
    45 sec max effort row
    5 min rest between rounds
    1) 185lb
    2) 205lb
    3 & 4) 225lb
    Rows between 231-237m
    It was hell

  7. This WOD was a lot of fun. Great programming!

    Enjoyed working with Greg and John Mac. I sacrificed speed to do this RX/gold level. Our time was 34:44. Dropped the weight for some of the late rounds to save some time, though.

  8. Christened a new punch card on this WOD… wowzers! We DNF after 30 minutes, but yegods that took it out of me. Thankfully the worst of the soreness waited until after the Cub Scout fishing rodeo today to set in (24 hours later, as per usual). Hoping I’ll be able to move tomorrow!

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