Saturday 24 September

Kettlebell Swings


Seven rounds for time of:
18 – Dumbbell hang squat cleans (m35 / f25)
18 – Pull-ups
10 – Power cleans (m135 / f95)
10 – Handstand push-ups

Rob Orlando 28:59, Kristan Clever 39:33 (as Rx’d), Rebecca Voigt 46:21 (as Rx’d), Katie Hogan 70:20 (as Rx’d).
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11 thoughts on “Saturday 24 September

  1. Just wanted to provide an update for those of you who were there Wednesday. It appears that 2 discs were aggravated in my lower back which caused severe muscle inflammation. It doesn’t appear that there was any damage and no need for any PT. In the mean time I am out for 1-2 weeks. Following that it will be light loads for a while,

    As for how it happened, I think being off for work, and coming back to Lynne was a factor. I think that the bench press / pullup couplet with deadlifts and more CTB the next day did me in.

    Thank you for those who were concerned and those who helped clean up my station. Not being able to move a 30# dumbbell was very humbling.

    1. Glad to hear it’s just inflammation. Inflammation hurts, but at least it goes away without much issue.

  2. Toughest wod I’ve ever done.
    RIP Santiago
    5 rounds complete in 40 min
    3 rounds rx last 2 used 2 ab mats for HSPU

  3. Doctor advised me to take it easy, so instead of doing today’s WOD, I hiked 13+ miles (~5 hours) on Monte Sano. Pulled teeth or no, I still have to train for my wedding!

    1. I didn’t run at all, but kept a very deliberate, brisk walking pace. Hopefully this means I’ll be able to cut some significant time off of my previous TM time, even though I probably won’t be running the whole way. Yay progress!

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