19 thoughts on “Monday 26 September

  1. 8 rounds plus 7 wall balls Rx’D…On my 6th round Daniel pointed out that I was doing 22″ box jumps. I tried to keep up with Sarah but that did not last long, she almost finished 10 rounds. I love T2B and the wall balls were brutal. Great wod.

      1. I knew if I could chase you and Sarah then I would not stop! Kick ass job man.

  2. 9 + 10 reps

    I enjoyed Jeff’s 5:15 class today. It was good having Bo and Rand from Fundamentals! Josh from DC dropped killed the WOD as well!

  3. Had a great time coaching so many athletes at 5:15! Even though larger wods are more hectic, the energy and camaraderie is unmatched. Was impressed with Bo and Rand’s first performance with us, as well as our visiting athlete, Josh.

    At 6:30 I scored 9 rounds + 14 reps. I wussed out on the middle rounds of toes to bar and stopped linking them quickly. Kudos to Sarah L. at 9+20 and Ben K at 11+ rounds. That is smoking!

    1. Thanks for having me guys. Enjoyed throwing down with everyone in the 5:15 class. Hope to see you guys later in the week.

      If anyone is ever in DC, don’t be a stranger.

  4. Trying to keep the intensity down while my mouth heals. I did yesterday’s WOD (5×3 DL), and went heavy for me, but not maxed out.


  5. 7+21 Rx’d

    I definitely had more in me but today I just didn’t push as hard as I should have…probably because I struggle so much with wall balls. Ran a 5k earlier in the day as well ~23 min

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