26 thoughts on “Tuesday 27 September

  1. Traveling WOD – tabata squats and pushups. Standard 8rnds.

    Scored 12 squats and 5 pushups. Up two squats from fundamentals… Was surprised how quickly the pushups went bad.

    1. Fundamentals was 6 rounds, so you improved by 2 reps with 2 extra rounds as well. Very nice!

  2. 11:02 scaled. I did all the back squats at 95#’s but scaled the pushups. I did dumbbell pushups for 1 round then went with walking pushups.

  3. 11:11 Rx’d with 50 lb dumbbells. Really enjoyed the new movement. Kept back squats unbroken (well, at least I kept the bar on my back) which was one goal. Enjoyed the extra challenge of snatching or cleaning/jerking the load to my back.

  4. 13:20 or somewhere in there….i was too beat afterwords and forgot to look at the clock #95 back squats (1 broken) and #25lb dumbbells it was painful

  5. Dear Jordan,
    I did not like you while I was doing this WOD! But I’m ok with you now that it’s over with:-)
    This was rough, did 85# BS 20# DBPU 17:11

  6. 9:30 at silver (10 squats on last 3 rounds). Don’t think I’m going to be able to walk tomorrow. I used to like Jordan, LOL!

  7. Gotta love auto-correct that listed my last post as from “Momma Harmon”! Ha! Guess I’m that too….

  8. Started out silver, without the rack, and ended up dropping to bronze after two rounds and it still took 18:04. So while last week was a week of confidence-building PRs and weight loss milestones, this week is bringing me back down to Earth.

    Welcome Tony and Sunday, our two new victims at the 4pm class!

  9. Enjoyed coaching this one! I have to admit that I get just as excited and pumped up about you all working hard as I do when I am working out! You guys truly pushed hard and came through stronger on the other end.

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