14 thoughts on “Wednesday 28 September

  1. Looks like a killer WOD. Curious to see the “sled”.

    Still on travel, but found a pull up bar on the AFB :). Did 5rnds of 15 toes to bar and burpees. 16:22. Got some funny looks from the passersby.

    Trying to gather a few new ideas for travel WODs now that I have (1) pull up bar, (2) parallel bars, and (3) a gorgeous track.

    1. Try

      4 rounds 800m, 50 air squats for time,
      400M, 10 Dips, 15 Pull-ups 3 rounds

      You can also do Helen if you can find ~55# to swing around.

      Last time we did this WOD we subbed rope climbs for sled pulls.
      8, 15′ Rope Climbs = 120′ or if you count the descents then 4 rope climbs.

  2. Jay you are doing a nice job keeping the mojo on the road!!

    Sarah Longshore, you are a badass!

    Great class this morning. Thanks Justin for the call-outs, it really helps keep me focused on the task at hand. Melissa I cannot express my gratitude enough for your counting me through the STO and the 1/2 rope climbs. Everyone did a fantastic job with this ever daunting workout. It puts in to perspective just how good the games athletes are.

  3. Rx*: 13:05

    *did towel pull-ups. i employed a little hop on ~15 of them, which is the reason for the asterisk. i didn’t think much of it until i saw Jordan do 30 strict towel pull-ups and realized mine were very wimpy by comparison.

    1. Be great at your strengths and really good at everything else and you will kill em. Comps are mentally challenging as well. Stay positive through the pain. Win!

      Good luck too, but you won’t need it.

  4. 24:43 was my time… all movements and weights were rx’d but I had to omit the box jumps due to shin issues. I spent 14 of those minutes completing 6 rope climbs. My leg was rubbed raw after the first 2 and I had to take some time out and wrap my leg. I had fun with the 4pm class. It was nice to meet more of the CFI athletes.

  5. Great workout, it’s amazing to know that the guy who finished first in the games did this in like 11mins. CRAZY!!

    Gold with 1.5 POOD KB for SDHP in 20:38 with rope climbs

    Kicked my own butt compared to when I did it back in Aug. I didn’t look at my time then, but when I did it, I did 65# STO and only two and three quarter rope climbs.
    Much better on the rope climbs tonight. I’ve FINALLY figured out how to move my feet once I get to the top. BIG victory for me with that:-)

    Great class Jordan, I guess you made up for yesterday (KIND OF!)

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