10 thoughts on “Monday 3 October

  1. Did a variation of today’d wod.
    6 pushups (first time doing these since I broke my wrist)
    6 Pullups ( was able to do kipping a little )
    16 walking lunges with 15lb dumbbells ( doing 20lbs was a little to strenuous on the wrist for today)
    Time 9:45

  2. Congrats to everyone in my 5:15 class for working so hard!

    My WOD:
    5 rounds
    6 GHD situps
    12 hip extensions
    12 situps
    12 walking lunges
    all with 50 lb vest

    Both variations of situp were brutal.

  3. 11:35 Rx’d at 5:15.

    I really enjoyed the 6:30 class tonight! I haven’t had that many in my class in a long time. It was good to have so much energy. There was so much work going how it was difficult to keep up!

  4. 13:14 Gold (1 abmat HSPU)

    I expected my shoulders to be trashed, but this one really got to my forearms/grip. Great class! It felt good to work hard after a couple of weeks of inconsistent training.

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