33 thoughts on “Monday 10 October

  1. 8:13 Silver’ish:

    155lb DL
    21 HSPU / AbMat
    15/9 Modified HSPU (GHD).

    Should have went for the full silver 185 DL. Way to finish up today, Ben.

  2. Did Fran today instead (wanted to follow the same rep scheme) to get a break from the HSPU’s I did over the weekend. I did not have a recent Fran time so I was not sure what to expect. 5:55 Rx’d! Thanks Daniel for the motivation, keeping me from dopping the bar during thrusters, and being kind enough to count reps and call out my no reps on pullups ;). First time to ever get through that many thruster’s unbroken. Way to go Ben on finishing this morning!

    1. She took 3rd place on the leader board….just missed 2nd place by 9 seconds!

      1. Just so you know I wanted to kick you in the head mid kip on the 4th or 5th pullup that didn’t count but thanks for keeping me honest and going 🙂 Thanks guys…I shocked the hell out of myself and definitely did not expect to finish in that time.

      2. If you kick Daniel in the head then the pullup counts, regardless of range of motion. 🙂

      3. Just kick him next time! He probably deserved it.

        Congrats on your Fran time and taking 3rd on the leader board!

  3. Rx DL, 12,8,12 HSPU using 1 abmat = 12 minutes
    was planning to do 12,8,4 HSPU but had gas left in the tank so i just kept doing HSPU until time was called. thanks daniel for the tip!

    1. Nice work, Luke. It’s admirable that you’re more concerned about getting better at a WOD skill than posting a marginally faster time in that WOD.

  4. 15:02 rxd
    great athletes in 5:15 class. Thanks Jeff for letting me finish. PR of sorts as last time I did this I didn’t rx and used an abmat.

  5. Awesome 630 class, you all rock! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do HSPU without a kip, but I did it, first time in a workout:-) Pretty happy 9:02 155# and one ab mat

  6. 5:03 Rx’d
    Have no idea where that came from other than I have been a lot stricter with my diet lately. I’ve also been experimenting with replacing some carbs with high quality fat (raw almonds). I felt really good tonight.

  7. I enjoyed working out with the 5:15 class today. Jason murdered this one! My time was 6:40.

    I had a great class at 6:30. It was good having several athletes from our most recent fundamentals like Bo, Kelly, Sunday, Ken, and Will. I hope I didn’t forget anyone. 🙂 Kudos to all of the ladies that fought through HSPUs without kipping tonight despite a little bellyaching before the workout! Now that I know you can do them, I’ll never let you kip again. 🙂 Fun class!

  8. I had a great time coaching 5:15! Was really impressed with Jason’s performance. Tito also did exceptionally well, pushing himself on the deadlift.

    During 6:30 I did a modified WOD
    500m row
    21 pushups
    500m row
    15 pushups
    500m row
    9 pushups

    All row splits under 1:45. All pushups unbroken. Meant this as a WOD to take it easy during my deload cycle. Then I got the great idea to keep all the rows under 1:45. Then I got the great idea to keep all pushups unbroken. Made my goals, but damn, I’ve got to learn to take it easy.

  9. 8:05 Scaled.

    Tweaked my hamstring on Sunday and it came back to bite me today. Thought I’d be okay at gold weight (140#) on the DL, but after the first round had to drop it to 90. On the bright side, I was able to do 20 unbroken strict HSPU with one abmat! Hands might have been a little wide, but worked on keeping them in on subsequent rounds, which resulted in much smaller sets.

    1. 20 strict unbroken with 1 abmat?!? Nice work!

      However, that does clearly indicate that it’s time to get rid of the abmat. 🙂

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