19 thoughts on “Tuesday 11 October

  1. Nice pic displaying not only a neutral lumbar spine, but also a Neutral cervical spine.

    1. don’t forget the frown. once you lock in a good frown it’s a guarantee you will get another 5 unbroken reps.

  2. Heavy front squat days always test me.
    85/95/105/115/125/135x/135/140x/140x/140x (I suppose I could have used fractional plates or 5 clamps (thanks Christina for that idea, haha) after the 2nd fail but I was a little stubborn)
    I do have a 140# full calf raise at the bottom of a squat! Does that count for anything?

  3. Did lunchtime wod….good people!
    Got up to 335 x 2 – previous 1RM
    Got 345 x 1 PR
    Knees were shot went back down for last three sets for 5 reps

  4. 135,185,225,245,255×1,205,205,205,205
    30#PR @1rm, never attempted 2rm before today.
    thanks to emily, josh, and daniel for the motivation!

  5. Lots of good work and new PRs today in class. Some hit new PRs some fixed and fine tuned form for the next time FS’s come up. Really excited about the progress today.

    Did WOD before 9:30 class:
    135/145/150/155/160/165 (1x)/165/170/175(1x)-new PR for me. Wasn’t feeling my best- headache and nasty earache. Maybe next time I can get 185.

  6. 135-155-175-185-205-205-185-135(5)-135(5)-135(5)

    Hamstring started feeling iffy at 185 so used a 16″ squat target to avoid aggravating it. Went to 135 to get some more reps in at the end.

    Thanks Christina for great training as usual.

  7. Had a really fun 6:30 class! Loved the energy tonight! I did 1×5 front squat later tonight. I matched my PR at 160 but just couldn’t get that 165 out of the bottom…still. I’m hoping getting my nutrition dialed in will get me past this plato. I’ve been stuck on several lifts for a while.

  8. Enjoyed working with Daniel F. and Alex V. on this one. I started out too heavy for this one. That’s easy to do when you see only two reps. I ended up stopping after seven sets due to time.


  9. 135-145-155-155-165-175-155-135-135-135
    Great workout! Started going back down cause we were running out of time. My main goal was to maintain form and keep my elbows up!

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