14 thoughts on “Thursday 13 October

  1. I had a method on the squats. I knew I could do about 50 in somewhere around a minute so I did 25 as fast as I could then rest 5 seconds and start again. My time was 12:41. I can not say I did it rx’d because I pushed off my legs with my hands on most of them, especially after the run. Nice to see 4 people not avoiding David, lol. We are going to give this guy a complex.

  2. I finished in 19:48…and no, I didn’t need to walk today…walking is highly overrated…I don’t need these noodles, I mean legs…I’ll be fine army-crawling around my house the rest of the day…it’s fine, really. 😉

  3. I split the difference between silver and gold and did 75. I also took my time because I need to be able to walk this weekend, so I didn’t want to kill my legs. 17:07

  4. I did front squat 2×10. Performed the 2 reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes


  5. That one-legged obstacle course warm up was brutal for me. I did a silver/bronze combo: 100/800m/50. I could’ve punched out more but I started feeling nauseous midway… 🙁

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