25 thoughts on “Friday 14 October

  1. A great way to start off a Friday morning!
    Right hand facing me and left hand facing outward—>225-245-265-275-285(X)-275
    I then switched the direction of my hands—> 245-265-285-290(X)
    Jordan noticed on my first grip that I was twisting the bar, after changing my grip, I no longer twisted the bar and got my old PR of 285. Maybe next time I’ll be able to get a new PR! I’ll have to to stay up with Ken! Great job man!

  2. 135 – 155 – 180 – 200 – 225 – 235(PR) – 255(PR) – 265(PR).

    My previous PR was 225 (from 8/29 CFT). Felt good after 7, so went for one extra DL and achieved a 40lb PR.

    Great coaching this morning!

  3. Like the heavy PR days once in a while cause you can see some progress…


    10 pound PR today and I stopped at that.
    Earlier this week I PR’ed front squats (175). 2 PR’s in one week and I feel accomplished 🙂

  4. 365,375f,375,385f,385f,315×5,315×5
    20# off my pr, wanted 405#. my head wasn’t right on this one today.

    1. Black Molly’s and Pixie Sticks. I actually felt pretty horrible. had a sinus infection, so moving my right eye or straining hurt my head. I had a tooth pulled at 9:00 in the morning and I was still swollen and sore. Also I had stayed up very late the night before and woke up early to finish some work so I was tired. Somehow though I thought it was a god idea to make the 4:00 class.

  5. 195-205-215-225(x)-220-225(PR)-230(x) I really wanted that 230, but not today…could have been those Little Debbie Swisscake Rolls I opted for as a late night snack! Still PR of 225! SWEET! -even sweeter than the chocolate…food for thought. 😉

  6. Great day full of huge PRs!

    Here is what I got at 6:30:
    I matched my old PR at 250 and decided to call it a day.

  7. Good lifts by everyone today it sounds like.
    Open Gym
    5 x 5 power clean
    Then did “Bradley”
    Sprint 100m
    10 pullups
    Sprint 100m
    10 burpees
    Rest 30 seconds

    10 rounds rxd 23:54

  8. 275-300-315-320-340-360(PR)-370(x)

    On a day that I was thinking of just doing mobility work due to soreness, I ended up with a 5# PR over a load I had just PR’d a few weeks ago. I’ll take that.

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