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  1. My 7 year old daughter is a gymnast, and she has been training extra hard lately to try and make The National Jump Start Team. JumpStart is the talent identification program, run by the USA Gymnastics, used to identify future elite athletes at a young age and provide education for their coaches as they prepare for the eventual move to the highest level. They select 22 Boys and 22 Girls between the ages of 7 and 12 from gyms all over the country every year to join the team for the year.

    She had a preliminary evaluation this past Friday to determine whether she would be invited to the Team Trials in January in Houston, TX. So to prepare, she also began some individualized training with a local trainer that uses Crossfit type methodologies to train his clients.

    Her training schedule each week consisted of, 8-10 hours of Gymnastics, 2-3 30 minute sessions with her personal trainer, and at least one soccer practice and 1 soccer game every week for the past 6 weeks.

    My wife made a video compilation of some of her training sessions. Thought I’d share with the you all the amazing strength and mental fortitude of the two 7 years old athletes in this video, one being of course my daughter and the other her training partner as they prepared for a pretty important competition in their early life. This experience, win or loose, will prepare them well for whatever the life may throw at them. Her 7 year old training partner BTW is also a second degree black belt.

    Hope you enjoy the video:

    1. Thats really cool. Creating great training habits and health and fitness awareness for life.

    2. that is intense for 7… never would have imagined doing pullups and mountainclimbers! thanks for sharing.

  2. 11:38
    1st Round – Gold
    2nd-3rd Rounds – Rx

    After the first set of wall-walks I figured it was time to learn to handstand walk.

  3. 14:30 Rx. big thanks to steve, daniel, cole, and emily on the handstand walk coaching!

    1. MAJOR props to Steve for bringing is jujitsu crash mats into cfi. i would have lost a tooth and knocked myself out otherwise.

  4. 10:46 gold (band ring dips and handstand walks)

    Blue band for the first round then switched to red band. Handstand walks need some work! Thanks Jordan and Zan for coaching me on them and correcting mistakes real time! Really helped.

  5. Good work today by all athletes. Handstand walks are a very hard skill to master. Just like double unders they take practice. I saw improvement at all levels today. From those who kicked up onto the wall for the first time, all the way to unbroken handstand walks. Awesome job everyone!

  6. 14:10

    Upper body strength is a weakness for me, dips and handstands were near impossible! But practice makes…. better, lol. I did Silver-ish (toe-assisted bar dips and inclined wall handstand holds) The positions weren’t exactly on the scales but they kept the form and movements that was required, and hopefully help to build those shoulders and triceps. My nest small goal is to get my body up against the wall more vertical during the handstand, and to have regular bar dips.

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