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  1. 42:34 Gold-ish (GHD HSPU’s) Pistols were my kryptonite on this one. I used a lot of assistance.

  2. 40:00 Silver’ish.

    – Jumping muscle-ups from 12″ box.
    – HSPU w/ abmat.
    – First two rounds w/ 30-sec L-sit.

    I really wanted a legit muscle-up (one of my several xfit goals). Got close… maybe in another month or two.

  3. Great class this morning!

    5 rounds/MUP/HSPU w/ 24″box/ 30 sec L-sit holds/ jumping squats


  4. 48:54 scaled. 5 rounds/Muscle up progression/HSPU with abmat/30 sec L-sit hold on the rings/pistols with no assistance for the 1st 3 rounds and had to have a little assistance for balance on the last 2 rounds, all movements split by the lovely 200m runs of course. I love our morning crew. In between the exhaustion and gasps for air you guys made this fun. Thanks Emily for all the awesome coaching šŸ™‚

  5. Rxish (sub MU progressions, sub 1 abmat HSPU)
    4 rds + 4 HSPU
    12:30 came too quickly for me to finish this WOD. tough one.

  6. I went Rx’d today without a time cap and it took me 55:50 Rx’d. I did pistols instead of the foot behind the heel one legged squat. HSPU were strict on the first 3 rounds, then I went to kipping. Should have kipped the whole time because I was able to go unbroken that way. My runs were so freakn slow! I was just glad to finish though. Wasn’t trying to break any records today. My advice would be stay hydrated today before you come to class!

  7. Got to round 4 and finished l-sits before the 48 min cutoff. Rx but unlike Joedan I did the one legged squat with the heel behind my ankle.

  8. Surely that WOD has a name! All I can say is whew! Didn’t finish 5 rounds under the 45 minute cut off and it was some sort of a “mut”.

  9. I’m pretty dinged up and overtrained I think. I debated an extended break and just don’t think I can handle that. I’m going to try 2 on 2 off and more fish oil and increased calories first and see if I improve.

    That said, I ramped down intensity today but felt pretty good on everything.

    3 rounds plus 7 HSPU @ 45 min cutoff. I just focused on steady and not speed.

    250m row
    MU as rx
    1 abmat hspu
    L Sit

  10. Finished Solid Gold at 55:56…I don’t think Emily knows what “cut-off” means! Actually, I LOVED/HATED that she let us finish…

    “Allow myself to introduce myself”…if I haven’t met you it’s not because of a lack of WODs! Trust me, I’ve been around! I’m a momma of three and can pretty much only make it to the mid-morning classes. My family and I just moved here two weeks ago from Niceville, FL. My husband is Active-Duty Air Force and is working at some rocketlab in Decatur. (I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you) Uhhh…actually, I don’t really know, it’s all so new and I have just been way too busy getting my ass kicked at CFI!

    I just wanted to take a quick moment to say THANK YOU to my new CrossFit family! I cannot wait to continue to become stronger, better, faster, more because of the AWESOME trainers and KILLER athletes here at CFI! Thanks again for making me feel right at home!

    “Don’t settle for pretty. BE HOT!!!”

  11. After having a disappointing workout on Sunday, I repeated Sunday’s WOD since it was similar movements.

    Jordan focused on the “mental toughness” aspect of the WOD on Sunday, specifically staying away from the chalk bucket and water fountain. Mentally, I was completely defeated by the end of the second round and struggled through the rest of the workout on Sunday, making repeated trips to the water fountain as if it could provide some relief. I got cutoff at the 40min point after 4 rounds and one 200m run.

    For today’s workout, I finished all 5 rounds Rx in 39:19 without touching the water fountain. I tried to focus on breathing while I was running and counting by 5 on the movements (20 Pullups/Pushups/Situps/Squats) or just hanging on for another rep or two (or three).

    I would like to hear other athletes stories on increasing your “mental toughness”. I often feel this holds me back the most.

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