Wednesday 19 October

Handstand Walk

2010 Northwest Regional Event 1

Three rounds for time of:
10 – Overhead squat (m135 / f95)
50 – Double unders

Rich Froning 2:40, Elijah Muhammad 2:55, Connor Martin 3:01, Thomas Cox 3:15, Stacey Kroon 5:34 (99lb OHS), Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 6:48 (135lb OHS).

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15 thoughts on “Wednesday 19 October

  1. 08:05 65# OHS – 100 Singles with 10 DU’s at end of each round for practice

  2. Justin and Ben and Hightower banged this one OUT!

    65# OHS all unbroken, 40 DU’s(single,single double) 17:06. DU’s tried to kill me this morning but I figured since Jordan is a medic, she could bring me back if needed. I lived and I WILL get through this horrible burning stomach phase. It’s a must in order to reach my goal. 🙂

    Fowler you ROCK!

    Jordan you were so helpful this morning and I appreciate you so much!!

    1. Maybe you just needed someone to push you harder…like I had today! 😉 Next time…

  3. Gold!!! 21:21 (Thanks again BRENT for that “recommendation” to do go 85#)

    Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE CFI?!!!

  4. 8:46 scaled.

    75# OHS until halfway through the second round and then switched to back squat because my wrists and shoulders weren’t holding up too well. Double unders were hit and miss.

  5. 5:09 Rx’d

    Felt slow and weak today. DUs were a train wreck. Never linked more than 25.

    5:15 class was awesome! Jordan really ran a great class. It was nice to step back into the box and it feel like I never left (albeit for only 5 days).

  6. 11:43 Rxd. Found that proper breathing technique was make or break for linking 5+ OHS, while trying to rely on shoulder and leg strength was an epic fail. double unders are a work in progress for me but I was happy linking ~15-20. great class today!

  7. 19:20
    Very sore shoulders, arms, and quads so squats were a real challenge. I couldn’t lower myself all the way down and had trouble keeping my upper body tight to maintain the weight. Could only do 55#. Went for the 40 DU attempts and was pretty much a failure, lol, until the last round when I figured out the right height and timing and got one, then two and three linking. Couldn’t have done it with Jordan keeping me going, and then Jeff and everyone jumping in to encourage me. Even after I was done, the encouragement helps a LOT! Thanks to everyone! I’ll get better!

  8. 5:42 (85#)

    Rested more than I should have. Biggest thing I need to work on is pushing myself out of my comfort zone…still struggling a lot with that.

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