13 thoughts on “Thursday 20 October

  1. Nice picture Rosemary!

    Due to darkness beyond the control of CFI the morning class got to do 15×50 yard hill repeats and we rocked it!! fastest round 6.4 slowest 7.9.

    Thanks Jeff for your most awesome coaching!

  2. The fantastic four showed up at 0530 this morning to sprint when it was asscrack cold. That’s dedication. Everyone did awesome! Very impressed with the enthusiasm for hill sprints!

  3. way to kick everyones butt at 11:30 class Daniel. Loved this workout, hams will be sure to feel it tomorrow! Good work everyone! 😀

  4. Thanks Renee. The only chance I have of beating you is in extremely short distance races. Had it been 10, 200M runs, you would have passed me. I only had you by a step or two each time. My biggest fear was that you would catch me! Thanks for being there and not letting me throw the runs.

    Also thanks Emily for walking down to the cul-de-sac to time us. It was cold, but I didn’t relish the idea of running uphill 15 times. Sounds less forgiving.

    13, 13, 13, 14, 15, 16, 15, 15, 15, 15

  5. Was sorry to miss this one. Our little one had us up pretty early this morning; we recently transitioned her to a “big girl bed” which she rolled out of at about 0330. :). I had a serious case of dragon ass this morning because of it!

  6. The 4pm class, all 2 of us, elected to do the 15×50 option. I really enjoyed it, actually.

    9.02 – 9.40 – 9.50 – 9.42 – 9.58 – 9.09 – 9.60 – 9.66 – 9.50 – 9.18 – 10.01 (still mad about this one) – 9.88 – 9.77 – 9.51.

    Slow of course, but I’m very pleased with the consistency between the times.

      1. Christina gave us the time it took to walk back and write down our times, then it was off to races again. It was probably between 60 and 90 seconds each time. We delayed when a car was driving by.

  7. it was tough to force myself to come to this WOD but I’m very glad that I did. my fastest round was 8.75 and my slowest was 11.16 with all under 10 but about 4 rounds

  8. 15/50 yd hill sprints
    fastest was 6.13, slowest was 6.42

    Ben joined us for the last 4 sprints and made me average .17 seconds faster per sprint than the sprints where he wasn’t racing me. My fastest lap was the second run with him. Enjoyed the WOD!

  9. 15/50 yd hill sprints


    It was good to have Justin Stay has my rabbit to chase on about half of the rounds. I definitely pushed it more when running against him. Thanks for the push, Justin!

  10. 15x 50 – 7:42/8:28
    Need to work on my leg strength tI push myself more. Thanks to Justin for helping me with tips, and thanks to Honey Badger for motivation! Lol

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