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  1. 11:18 Gold

    Quick but brutal…

    For callus rips, any tips? This is my first -real- rip… guessing I should start using a bit of tape and/or a glove for a while. This will teach me to shave those things down, eh?

    1. Shaving often makes things worse. Because it is difficult to gauge the thickness of the piece of skin shaved, shaving the skin on a callous often weakens the area. I’ve found it’s best to just remove the bulk with a light sanding with an emory board or simply scraping it with your fingernail. The area will still be raised, but the remaining bulk strengthens the area. If you take the skin down to the level of the rest of your hand with a blade then the skin will often ends up paper thin making it susceptible for increased damage in subsequent workouts.

    2. rips are good medicine. i’ve tried taping and chalk, but like jeff said the best plan is really just to not have a plan and just work. your skin will toughen up, you will also learn good skin-recovery techniques, and this feeling will be a distant memory. i measure progress by how many pullups i can do before my hands start ripping.

      Note: a deep rip within another “healing” rip takes a week+ to heal if you keep crossfitting. try to avoid these!

      Rx: 8:09

    3. Neosporin goes a long way in speeding up rip recovery, especially if you’re diligent about putting it on within a few hours of ripping and reapplying at least twice a day for at least a couple of days after you rip. Unfortunately band-aids don’t stay on that part of your hand very well, so I usually end up putting a band-aid on it, then wrapping a bit of pre-wrap around my palm and knuckles, and then wrapping tape over the same area. It looks like you’ve been in a bad fight (or are prepping for one), but it gets the job done.

      As far as preventing rips goes, I haven’t ever shaved mine, so I can’t provide any insight there. I like to file mine down with an emery board and metal callous remover (it looks like a cheese grater. There’s one at CFI and we bought one just like it for home use). I’ve had good success filing just before a workout with a lot of pull ups, I guess because it smooths out the area so your skin won’t snag so easily on the bar.

      I’ve also been told that breaking a vitamin E capsule and rubbing it over the area helps to repair a rip more quickly, but I haven’t tried it.

      Hope this helps!

    1. Agree, actually the pic makes Jeff look like some kind of freakishly ripped beast. My actual words when I saw this pic last night were….”who the $%*& is that guy?”

      1. ^^

        Thought Jeff was holding the CFI floor to the foundation; CrossFit tornado strap?

  2. Daniel’s advice is sound. Hand care is as much art as science. Although hand care can greatly reduce rips.

    Honestly, my strategy (or lack thereof) was to rip repeatedly for 4 years until my hands don’t rip significantly anymore. It hasn’t been pretty, but it’s been effective.

    1. Ha… so the grin and bear it technique!

      Thanks for the replies, both Daniel and Jeff. I shaved them down this morning for the first time and received my punishment. I only chalked once during the WOD as well, so that may have been a contributing factor.

  3. 9:36 silver, pretty happy with the time. My goal for the past couple months has been keeping a steady pace, and I feel like I’ve done that well for the most part, even if I’m still hovering in the range of mostly silver with occasional jump to gold.

  4. Best way to avoid rips is to get a stronger grip. Less hand movement around the bar means less friction, which means less rips. Pick up a good grip strength builder like the Captains of Crush grippers from iron minds. Cheap, and the ability to crack open a walnut with your fist is really cool too.

  5. 5:58 rxd
    Nasty little wod. Enjoyed talking with everyone tonight at nutrition class. It’s a great group of really motivated people at CFI and proud to be here.

  6. 9:09 Gold.

    For whatever reason, I just couldn’t grip anything today. Thanks, Josh, for yelling at me at the end, even though I was being a wimp.

  7. Enjoyed coaching the 5:15 class. Favorite scene was Bennett’s exchange with Jason before the WOD:
    Bennett: “You look like you’re preparing for war.”
    Jason: “I am.”

    My time at 6:30 was 4:57 Rx’d

    Had to make sure I stayed ahead of Josh and Matt on this one. Enjoyed working out with you guys! Brittany also really pushed through some barriers to finish strong.

    Oh, and I saw Rand doing full overhead kettlebell snatches! That’s awesome progress, Rand!

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