26 thoughts on “Tuesday 25 October

    1. Hahahaha! Nice one Jeff.

      “You don’t know me. You don’t know what I got!”

  1. 17:30 (115# & 1.25-Pood) Thanks Kristen for coming over and yelling the last 5 reps out of me 🙂

  2. 14:07. I liked having Christina no repping me. It kept the integrity of the movement. I liked that someone can point out the flaws and you can correct them. I need some serious help with double unders. If anyone wants to work with me. Great job everyone.

  3. Just to alleviate any questions, there is no actual affiliate team qualification going on. This is just a CFI benchmark WOD that we chose to repeat.

  4. This was a great way to start the day! I can’t remember if I did this one way back when but about halfway through the du’s it started to feel really familiar 🙂 The Feb. 2010 link above isn’t working for me.

    17:19 85#/30 du’s

  5. 15:35 Rxd…not gonna’ lie, it hurts to straighten my arms out, so I’m just going to walk around lookin’ like a T-Rex today. It’s a hot look, I’m hoping to start a trend.

  6. 15:08 silver, but with incline pushups because of my jacked-up back. Have you ever tried shifting a manual transmission car with rubber legs? It was mildly risky driving home (but not really).

  7. 19:37 Rx – thanks everyone for the encouragement at the end. I was really happy I got through the double unders on this workout.

    Thanks Christina for giving me tips on my diet after class.

  8. 10:40 Rx’d

    15 secs slower than in February. Jordan killed this one tonight! Nice job 🙂

  9. 12:27 Rx’d (tied Godwin!)

    28 seconds faster than my previous PR! I was shooting for sub-12, but struggled with the squat cleans, as always. If I hadn’t dumped it twice, I probably would have met my goal. Thank you again Jordan for the “elbows up” cue–it really did help. Even though I struggled with that movement, it did feel a lot better than last time. Pretty happy with the rest of the movements in the WOD (KB swings and squats feel like they take FOR-EV-ER). Thank you Katie and Christina for giving me a couple of rabbits to chase. Even though I couldn’t catch up, I know I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did if it weren’t for you two!

    Also, I always forget how painful this gets right afterward. See tomorrow’s WOD photo? That’s me almost in tears because my quads hate me for the torture I just put them through. OUCH!

  10. 11:46 Rx’d which is a 2 minute PR from last time we did this. I’ll take it! Thanks for the push from behind from Christina and Mandy, and the push from in front from Zan maybe I’ll catch you next time!

  11. Did this one in 12:01 RX’d – Not a PR by any stretch, but slowly getting back into things with this wrist of mine. Really enjoyed coaching everyone on this workout. One of my favorites!

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