Tuesday 1 November

overhead squat

Partner WOD

Set a cone at 20 meters.

Five rounds for time of:
80 meter overhead barbell walk @ 185/125 lb
30 partner wallball shots @ 20/14 lb, 10 ft target
80 meter barbell farmer’s carry @ 95/65 lbs each hand

Pick a partner to share the load for today’s WOD!  Partners will use the same load for overhead carry and farmer’s carry. The team must collectively move the barbells 80 meters, trading out whenever desired. However, the barbells must be turned around the cone. Partners may not transition in a way that eliminates the turn. 30 partner wall ball shots means that each partner squats and shoots 30 times. Opposite partner must catch the shot for a complete rep.

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday 1 November

  1. Partnered with Sarah L. on this one. 20:08 was our time. 5 rounds of 95# overhead barbell walk, 65# farmer’s barbell carry (in each hand), and 14# wall balls. This was fun!

  2. 18:25 Silver

    Had a lot of fun this morning; great setup and coaching by Christina!

  3. Partnered with Ken this morning. This was a great wod that probably would have been even more fun at the lunch class…. when it’s a little warmer! Good thinking making this a partner wod!

    21:37 – 66lb over head, 46lb farmers carry in each hand, and 10lb wallball.

  4. Everyone did a great job at the 5:15 and 6:30 classes. I know that it was pretty damn cold out there but everyone pushed through and got it done. Really enjoyed seeing all our recent fundamentals graduates getting after it today!

  5. I concur with Jordan everyone did really great today. I did this one at 11:30 with Leah as my partner. Silver 21:38. We also did five rounds of this in 26:48. Thanks Leah for finishing that last bit of farmers carry. I think Renee and Angie would have gotten us if I had to have finished it :). I then did 7 sets of 10 reps of back squat during the 5:15 class. 61-71-81-91-91-91-91. Great coaching by Emily and Jordan today.

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