21 thoughts on “Wednesday 2 November

    1. 8:31 Rxd Had I gone by my license weight it would have been MUCH easier! Real body weight is HEAVY! (gonna’ have to work on that) 🙂

  1. 4:13 RX. 25 reps, 112# wish i would have jumped longer instead of faster, but its all good

    1. You’re ridiculously fast. I’m done being nice to you until I start beating you more. 🙂

  2. 5:15 was rockin today! Kudos to Christina for finishing this one strong!

    Before class I worked sumo deadlift. Achieved a 25 lb 3RM PR

    At 6:30 I scored 2:40 on this one. Weighed in at 178.x, so I punished myself for not eating enough by deadlifting at 185 lbs. Took me 18 steps. Ben was just absolutely flying through this one.

    1. Oh, PR’d my max height box jump at 50.75″ (PR by 1.25″). Very happy about that.

      1. Awesome deadlift and wod time. Fun class!
        Rowed 5k
        Wod 3:17rx
        20 reps
        205lb dead

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