Tuesday 13 December

Brittany DL



21-15-9 reps of:
Clean (135/95) pounds
Ring dips

Athletes may use squat cleans or power cleans in this WOD.



21-15-9 reps of:
Clean (125/85)
Ring dips


Clean (95/65)
Bar dips (with band)


Clean (85/55)
Bar dips (with band)


Group Burgener Warmup with PVC or empty bar
Then – 6 min AMRAP:
8 medball cleans
6 grasshoppers
4 bar dips



Tricep mobility on a bar to improve rack position

Compare times Jan 15th

17 thoughts on “Tuesday 13 December

  1. 11:33 @ 95# and ~halfway through ring dips I had to start using a red band. Hightower and Sarah did extremely well this am.

  2. 11:17 Rx’d

    Hightower and Sarah killed it!! Thanks for the great coaching, Jordan!!!

    1. That’s serious. Congrats. Noticed at lunch that you and Sarah L are the times to beat.

  3. Did some supplementary strength at lunch
    Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3

  4. Subbed Cindy – 11 Rounds Rx.

    Good news is I kipped the pullups with no pain. Another week and back to the grindstone, I think.

  5. I did power cleans instead of squat cleans today, 3:56 Rx’d. Doing this with sc looks like fun but my legs are a little broken down still. I ran the marathon here in town on sat, finished in 4:11:28 (PR by 36:07). Just wanted to say thanks to Michelle and the rest of the nutrition class for giving great tips on nutrition. I followed a fairly strict paleo diet, just added a lot of sweat potatoes. This goes against what most people suggest as a diet plan for endurance athletes, but after using myself as a guinea pig, I feel the paleo/zone diet is the best choice for all athletes. It’s safe to say my days of carb loading with a huge bowl of pasta are over. Thanks again

    1. Matt, first, sick performance today on Elizabeth! And what an accomplishment to have PR’d on a marathon just 3 days prior! That’s a dangerous skillset: a man that you can’t keep up with on 400m sprints, but he can move a heavy barbell all day long or complete a marathon. That’s CrossFit.

  6. Matt killed it in the lunch class today. Forgot to tell him to put it on the leader board. He blew away everyone!!!

  7. 11:24 (85#, ring dips with red band)

    Wow, Sarah L and Melissa killed this workout! Awesome jobs ladies! And Zan is oh so so close to a muscle up!!!! Great day at CFI

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