Monday 19 December

Well, that's one way to weight a pullup!



Complete three rounds for time of:
30 – Squat clean 95/65
30 – Pull-ups
Run 800 meters


Complete three rounds for time of:
25 – Squat clean 85/55
25 – Pull-ups
Run 800 meters

Complete three rounds for time of:
20 – Squat clean 75/45
20 – Pull-ups Band Assisted
Run 800 meters

Complete three rounds for time of:
15 – Power clean 65/35
15 – Pull-ups Band Assisted
Run 400 meters


Within 12 minutes:

Perform several reps of Clean working up to wod load.
Claim a pullup spot. Set up bands if needed.

9 thoughts on “Monday 19 December

  1. Sorry for the website issues today, everyone. We’re working the issues. We recently transitioned to a new host and we’re learning its limits and how we need to structure our back end processes for the website to run seamlessly.

    Was really impressed with the effort from 5:15. Justin finished in just over 30 minutes. Rand greatly improved his front squat and rack position ability.

    I did strength work today. Bench Press doubles 225-265×1, Back squat doubles 265-305, and weighted/unweighted chest to bar pullups (total about 50, 18-26 lbs).

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