Now Stocking Progenex!


CrossFit Impulse now stocks Progenex for you to purchase on site! We’ve had an incredible number of requests for this, and now we’re ready to deliver! Progenex is a revolutionary supplement that helps you recover from the intense exercise you experience in CrossFit. This allows you to feel better, recover more fully before your next workout, and therefore train harder each day. This means you’ll achieve your goals faster and be less fatigued during the process.

As you can tell, we don’t sell very many products on site at CFI. If we stock something, that means three things

  • The product works
  • We know that because we’ve tested it on ourselves
  • It’s an important tool for our athletes

After using Progenex for almost a year, I wholeheartedly believe in its efficacy. I use the “Recovery” formula after every workout to replenish glycogen stores and jump start the muscle repair process.  I also use the “More Muscle” formula to add quality calories to my diet for lean muscle gain. I prefer chocolate, but we stock a variety of flavors for you to try. Progenex is also by far the best tasting supplement I’ve ever used. Because of it’s efficacy, I’d still use it if it tasted horrible. But luckily, it’s actually very tasty and enjoyable to drink!

Purchasing is easy. Just ask the trainer on duty for the bag you want and he/she will charge it to your account. Fast and easy–no paper transactions necessary! The same goes for our fish oil, custom WOD journals, and t-shirts.

If you prefer to purchase online, then you can still use our online discount code “CFIAL” to get 10% off in the Progenex store.

If you’re curious, I encourage you to try a couple scoops for free after your next workout. Your body will thank you the day after!

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