New Classes Starting 23 July!

Christina B Snatch

Starting July 23rd there will be some changes to our evening schedule.  We will be removing the 5:15 class and adding 2 classes.  These classes will support some more advanced mechanics and difficult programming though they are 100% inclusive.  Everyone is allowed and encouraged to attend.  The new schedule is as follows.

Monday – Friday

5:00 – 5:45: Olympic Lifting

This class will provide consistent training with the Olympic Lifts (the clean, jerk, and snatch).  From beginners to advanced this class will push you to that next level and have you hitting PRs in no time!

5:45 – 6:30:  RX+

This class will be either a short metcon, a strength workout, or both.  They will be composed of heavier loads than usual and some more complex movements though everything is completely scale-able.