CFI September 2015 Newsletter

Check out what we have going on in September!


CrossFit Impulse September Newsletter

CFI Fall Internship
In September we launch the fall semester of the CFI internship program. We developed this program to train rock star coaches for CrossFit Impulse. Interns learn coaching from A to Z. And I’m not just talking about how to teach somebody to squat. Interns learn how to really connect with the athletes they coach. They learn every coaching tool I can throw at them. They learn the science and the art of scaling, class management, warm-ups, movement substitution, communication–everything they need to execute our high standards of coaching. The best interns may get a red shirt and become CFI coaches. If you’re interested in becoming a CFI coach then your first step is the internship. Be prepared to devote some serious time to this. The time requirement is similar to a college course. You’ll have scheduled classes, homework, and requirements to fulfill outside of class. Submit your application as soon as possible to be considered. We only accept five interns, and the selection process is competitive. Talk to a coach to learn more or submit your application!   The deadline for submission is September 18th.

Muscle Activation Therapy
Muscle Activation Therapy or M.A.T is a form of manual therapy that can aid in mobility and movement issues.  It is a form of physical therapy aimed at the treatment of soft tissue to prevent exercise and non-exercise related injuries.  M.A.T is a dynamic assessment system that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances.  It is successful in the reduction and elimination of pain and fatigue, as well as enhancing muscular recovery in athletes.  CFI is partnering with Thomas Amsden, a muscle activation therapist to provide CFI athletes with this awesome form of therapy and injury prevention.  He will be offering sessions to CFI athletes for $75.00 per session, which is a 25% discount on his usual price.  The sessions are on site at CFI.  If you are interested in M.A.T please feel free to contact Thomas at or call (256) 270-6170.

Suggestions?? Comments??
We have placed a bin for suggestions and comments on the counter at CFI.  If you have any suggestions on things you like to see, ways you think we can improve, or just want to say we are doing an awesome job please feel free to leave a note!

Fundamentals – Encourage your friends to try our Fundamentals class!  We schedule free intros throughout the week and the next session starts September 1st.  If you refer a friend and that friend signs up for Fundamentals, Fast Track, or regular classes you will receive one of our awesome new t-shirts!

Water is $1 per bottle, but if you bring a case you can drink all you like!

Open Gym Equipment Policy
When using gym equipment during open gym please remember to wipe down and return the equipment to its proper home.
Atlas stones are to be used only on the concrete pads or indoors and always with two rubber mats underneath.

Upcoming Events

Protocol Combine – September 13th
CrossFit Protocol will be hosting a team competition at it’s new facility on September 13th, 2014. Each team will be comprised of two athletes, either two men or two women, and there will be a women’s and men’s Rx and scaled divisions.  Check it out if you are interested in signing up.  This is also a really entertaining competition to be a spectator.

Handstand Clinic – September 19th
Coach Christina will be holding a beginner handstand clinic at 9am on September 19th.  This clinic is open to all CFI athletes, but will primarily focus on the beginning aspects of handstands and handstand walking.  Sign-up sheet is located at CFI on the counter.High Point Climbing and Fitness Field Trip – October 10th
CFI athletes are invited to take a field trip to High Point Climbing and Fitness in Chattanooga Tennessee on Saturday, October 10th.  This is an indoor rock climbing facility and all ability levels including beginners are welcome to attend. Equipment is available for rental and each group receives an orientation on how to use harnesses and belays.  We will have a sign-up sheet for those who are interested in attending and would like to carpool or caravan to Chattanooga.  We are planning to leave Huntsville at 7:30 am and arrive in Chattanooga at 10 am.  If you want to leave later or are not interested in carpooling, remember that they are on Eastern time.   Check out their website at Training

September is going to be a great month of training! First, we’re starting the Coan Deadlift Program. This is a 10-week program developed by Ed Coan, arguably the greatest powerlifter of all time. The Coan Program is unique because it requires you to pick a goal one-rep max (1RM) that you will progressively work towards over the 10 weeks. We will start by finding your current 1RM on Monday August 31st. From there you will set a goal 1RM that you will deadlift at the end of the 10 weeks. Each week you will deadlift a prescribed percentage of that goal 1RM until on the final day of the program you will deadlift 100% of your goal. You should be aggressive but smart in setting your goal. Don’t shoot for just 5 pounds. But also don’t be unrealistic and try to add 50 pounds to your 1RM in just 10 weeks. Generally, I’d recommend a goal increase of 20-35 pounds over your current 1RM. You’ll be surprised at the simplicity and the low volume of the Coan Program. You’ll also be surprised at how well it works! I used it to add 25 pounds to my deadlift earlier this year. Finally, we will be re-testing a past CrossFit Open workout each week during the month of September. We’re reaching back to Open workouts from the last several years–not just 2015. This is a great chance to gauge your progress. During the day to day challenges of training, it’s easy to lose motivation when PRs no longer come quickly. Looking at your progress year over year is a great way to keep a positive perspective and see how your hard work pays off over the long term. And long term progress is all about dedication. Just keep showing up. Even on the days you don’t want to–especially on the days you don’t want to–just show up and do something. Even if you just use a foam roller and do some mobility work–keep showing up. You don’t have to work yourself into a frantic mess every single workout. It’s OK to dial back the intensity when you’re feeling beat up. But I guarantee if you come into the gym and do something then you’ll feel better than when you walked in. Jeff

If you are interested in more information on any of the event we have going on, please feel free to contact Jess or Christina