Gymnastics Class!

Our newest coach, Coach Josh, has a unique strength in gymnastics, and he’s going to share that with all of you during our new gymnastics class! The class will meet at 10am on Saturday mornings starting Saturday, April 1st. This is no April Fools joke–this is as real as it gets! The class is applicable to every skill level from “I can’t do a pushup yet.” to “I want to perfect my front lever.” Just like CrossFit, gymnastics can be scaled for anyone. The class will focus on teaching you skills and giving you guided practice at those skills.

Some skills you will practice: handstands, ring muscle ups, handstand pushups, bar muscle ups, pullups, forward rolls, toes to bar, core control, and much more!

The class lasts one hour. You can expect a warmup, about 30 minutes of skill development and practice, and a short prac-ap session. You will work hard and you will get sweaty. You will do some drills and routines “on the clock.” But high-intensity exercise is not the goal of this class. This class is about improving your gymnastic skills to make you better at your high intensity exercise during the week.

Josh has some great classes planned for you, so I want you to welcome him by attending his first class on April 1st!