Progenex is out. SFH is in.

CrossFit Impulse is changing our workout nutrition company from Progenex to Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH).

We want to provide you with the best and healthiest products available. We also require the products we retail to be proven, have a robust distribution system to keep you stocked with what you need, and actually taste good. Our research and testing indicates that SFH is the right company to fill that need.

We will initially be carrying two SFH products: Recover and Push. Multiple coaches tested these products and we all found them to be fantastic. Here’s some info about each of them.

SFH Recover is not just whey protein. It’s whey protein from grass-fed cows with creatine and BCAAs and some other helpful supplements added.  So if you’ve wondered what you should take for recovery besides protein, this is it. You won’t have to buy multiple products and mix your own. You can buy it all together with this new SFH Recover mix. It will be available in Chocolate flavor. It retails for $74.99 for a container of 27 servings.

“SFH made smart choices with the supplements they added. They focused on creatine and the BCAA Leucine. Those supplements have a lot of scientific research showing they work for building muscle. It mixes easily and it tastes good. It’s also a nice bonus that the whey is high-quality and the ingredients list is pretty short and clean.” -Jeff’s review of Recover

Push is a pre-workout product similar to Progenex Force. It contains BCAAs, Beta-Alanine, and a modest serving of caffeine–a little more than half the amount that’s in a small Starbucks coffee. It will be available in Fruit Punch flavor. It retails for $54.99 for a container of 30 servings.

“It was just the right amount of pick-me-up I like for a strength workout. It doesn’t take a lot of Beta Alanine and caffeine to effect me greatly. This made me more focused and alert, but it didn’t cause me to hear voices or think I was Napoleon.” -Jeff’s review of Push

We are starting by stocking just Recover and Push. You can take a look at SFH’s entire product lineup  here and let us know what products you think might be popular. If there’s enough interest, we have the capability to stock anything in their product line. You will see SFH Recover and Push on our shelves starting next week.

We will be selling all of the remaining Progenex products we have on hand, but not placing any future orders with Progenex.

This isn’t a perfect process. We know several of you love Progenex. And we know SFH is expensive. Ultimately, we want to improve the lives and health of our athletes and provide quality products to as many athletes as possible. We think SFH products will enable that, and we would rather offer an expensive product that meets high standards than a cheaper product that doesn’t have our confidence. SFH has our full confidence. We welcome your feedback as we navigate this transition.

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